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Cleaning bathroom counter. Photography by Karolina Grabowska @Pexels.
Cleaning bathroom counter. Photography by Karolina Grabowska @Pexels

When it comes to household problems, we have the answers.


This is Joey. She is a Shih Tzu/Jack Russell mix. She is very loveable and loved by all my neighbors. – Don Himler
My best friend is a dog named "Schnoodle"
Amadeus is ready for his bath
Toby passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. He is a 3-year-old rescue from Arkansas and LOVES the snow in New Hampshire where he now lives. – Lee Allison
Daisy is an 11-year-old golden retriever. She takes medications for arthritis but enjoys playing with the neighborhood children, protecting the street while safely looking out the windows, treats, and lots of attention from my friends and me. She is a loving companion. Her owner enjoys your column in the Houston Chronicle. – Betsy Nolan
Hi! This is one of 3 kitties. His name is Fletcher. He was a stray in our neighborhood for months in the cold and rain. I made him a little house, lured him into a cat carrier, and took him to our vet. Long story short, he is a fabulous addition to our family and my husband’s best friend. Here he is eating his greens. – Shari Jameson
Tina on the left (Shiba Inu) and Tia (Terrier mix) are both rescue dogs. They're waiting for John, our mail carrier! – Sara Cowan
Here's a birthday picture of our senior rescue, Boots. We adopted Boots in May 2017 after his elderly owner passed away. He was 16 and not handling being in a shelter. It took a lot of patience and time for us to get to know each other. He was not happy about having another cat living in the same house. We had a feral cat that we brought home in 2007. Smokey was a sweetheart but we lost her some time ago to lymphoma. She was only 13. We were heartbroken! – Cynthia Zahorcak
My cat Maui always follows me when I walk my dog, Bagel. She loves to come with us. – Sheila Pollack
My pet is 20 months old. Cute as can be and smart. Daisy thinks everyone loves her. Our neighbor gives her treats and makes her sit and gives her a paw. Daisy is a Maltese/ShihTzu & she doesn’t shed. – Jane & Robert, Florida
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