Siamese kittens take my office chair
Siamese kittens take my office chair. Behold the charming take over of my office chair by Smudge and Smidgen, my two delightful Lilac Point Siamese kittens. With coats as soft as clouds at twilight, they commandeer my workspace with feline grace and a mischievous twinkle in their azure eyes. Smudge, true to his name, boasts a distinctively darker face—like a gentle brushstroke from an artist's palette—contrasting beautifully with his delicate lilac-hued fur. His sibling Smidgen sits closely beside him, slightly lighter in color but equally enchanting. Together, they curl up in a yin-yang of contentment, their tranquil purrs and synchronized breathing adding a serene soundtrack to my office environment. Bernadette Amos, their doting human, often finds herself working around this adorable occupation, a small price to pay for the joy these two bring into her life.
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