Jubilant and Amazing Raccoon Family Found at Backyard Feast

Jubilant and amazing raccoon family found at backyard feast

Jubilant and amazing raccoon family and skunks, possums, and birds visit us daily. Everybody we know has spoken poorly of raccoons for the last 20-25 years. Even our cat turned up one day. A few weeks later, she had five of the cutest kittens. We kept one, and three friends took the others.

Normally, we buy twelve bags of cat kibbles, which last about a month to six weeks, depending on how many visits each night. We sit outside with them in the summertime and have never been bitten or scratched. They take it very gently.

The raccoons love peanut butter cookies, and we keep a good stock of them. Years ago, we had this vast window put in to enjoy our outdoor family. We also built an 8-foot high block wall to level our backyard, then an 8-foot high lattice wall with a 6×2 walkway, which the squirrels and raccoons use. And the birds love our thick hedge. It’s surprising how many people look upon the raccoons as wild animals and talk about shooting them.

These nightly visits have cultivated a unique ecosystem in our backyard and fostered an unexpected bond between humans and wildlife. Over time, the variety and frequency of these visits have increased, indicating mutual trust and understanding developed over countless shared moments. This unique interaction enriches our lives and supports the local wildlife.

Observing these animals up close fosters a greater appreciation and respect for nature and its myriad creatures. It serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between urban living and wildlife conservation, urging us to consider the impact of our actions on our non-human neighbors. And ongoing commitment to coexistence and care has turned our backyard into a haven. We love it when raccoons, skunks, possums, and birds visit us daily.

Rainy view through a large window of a beautifully maintained backyard with a patio set and lush greenery serving as a sanctuary for local wildlife including raccoons skunks possums and birds

A Glimpse of a Tranquil Wildlife Haven.

View from a large window overlooking a lush backyard, a sanctuary for local wildlife.

A jubilant and amazing raccoon greets us at the doorway.

Peeking in for treats, this raccoon makes a friendly visit to a home’s patio door.

Raccoon Feeding Platform in the Garden.

A four-bowl feeding station for raccoons, skunks, possums, and birds nestled among lush greenery.

Two young jubilant and amazing raccoons eating from separate bowls placed close together on a green table surrounded by plants

Family dinner time for a jubilant and amazing raccoon family.

Three raccoons share a meal on an old table, surrounded by greenery.

A utility shed filled with bags of cat kibble and boxes ensuring a steady supply of food for backyard wildlife

Family dinner time for a jubilant and amazing raccoon family.

Essential supplies for feeding backyard wildlife stored neatly.

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