Cats favorite things to do

What's a cat's favorite thing to do? Meet Olive, a two-year-old tabby. Favorite things to do: eat, play, eat, sleep, eat. – Theresa Wingard

Olive is a two-year-old tabby whose zest for life is as varied as the stripes on her coat. Olive is a connoisseur of the simple pleasures in life, with a particular penchant for the culinary arts—her mealtime is an event of pure bliss, approached with a connoisseur's gusto. Theresa Wingard, Olive's devoted human, often finds Olive eagerly awaiting the clink of the food bowl, her green eyes sparkling with anticipation.

But Olive's days are not solely devoted to her gastronomic pursuits. She's an avid player, her agile paws darting after toys with the precision of a seasoned hunter. She leaps and pounces with a grace that belies her otherwise placid nature. After these bursts of energy, Olive luxuriates in well-deserved slumbers, curling up in a sunbeam or nestled in the softest cushion she can find, purring contentedly in her dreams.

And then, of course, there's more eating. Olive's appetite is matched only by her love for her human companions, making her a delightful presence in the Wingard home. She's not just a pet; she's a whiskered embodiment of joy, indulgence, and the serene satisfaction of napping after a good meal.

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