Cat feeling sad after my husband passed away

Cat is feeling sad after my husband passed away. My husband of almost 39 years passed away some time ago after a short illness. Our cat, Sadie, is depressed and anxious, and misses him as much as I do. I think that if Sadie could write a poem, it would be as follows:

In Whiskers' twitch and quiet purr,
I seek the hand that once did stir.
Your chair is empty, and so's my heart,
Since the day you had to part.
My paws pad softly by her side,
With every sun's rise and tide.
Together in silence, we both miss you,
Our dear companion, pure and faithful.
The love you gave, a precious gift,
In memories, our spirits lift.
Though you're gone, in stars above,
Forever, we'll cherish your boundless love.

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