Fearless maine coon shows how to actually play dominos

Calypso Parley, a stunning Maine Coon, has been charming her way through games of Dominos for years. At the remarkable age of thirteen, she remains as engaged and spirited as ever. Whether lining up the tiles or strategizing her next move, Calypso showcases her intellect and playful spirit, proving that some cats do more than just lounge in the sun.

Calypso's journey began thirteen years ago, and she has since become an irreplaceable member of Mary Metcalf's family in Rotonda West, Florida. Her days spent interacting with her human companions showcase her unusual affinity for Dominos – a game she seems to understand instinctively. Her participation in games and affectionate demeanor cement her status as a beloved "cat-dog" in her household.

Aside from being a skilled player, Calypso enjoys the simple pleasures of a good scratch behind the ears and the warm Florida sun. Her love for life and continuous curiosity make every day with her an adventure. Mary looks forward to many more years with her agile and intelligent companion, sharing games, laughs, and lots of love.

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