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You asked and yes, I’m going to be back on the radio air waves!

Radio is my home, and it’s so much fun to talk with you, answer your questions, listen to your hints and share information.

We will have time together to listen to the experts I consult on topics of interest to all of my listeners.

They will include:

  • Identity theft & credit card safety.
  • Travel hints.
  • All things electronic – your cell, lap top, computer, DVDs and more.
  • Pets…dogs, cats, birds, ferrets (I’ve had all of them), fish, spiders and snakes.
  • Plant care…indoor and outdoor.
    Home maintenance, plumbing, electrical, flooring.
  • Stains of all kinds!! Clothes, carpet, furniture and auto.
  • Cooking, baking, fresh food.
  • Sports equipment care, laundry 101 for college students and more!

And, of course we’ll chat about the funny, but true, mistakes we all make and how to correct them!

  • Putting your cell in the microwave – DON’T!
  • Using window cleaner on your flat screen TV – DON’T!


I'll start the show with a question and see who can answer it. Then explain why the answer is correct or not!

Q. Is it safe to put a coffee mug, filled to the brim with water, in the microwave?

A. NO and YES.

NO, it’s not safe if you fill the cup to the top with water. The water can get SUPER HEATED, and when you take it out of the microwave, and then put a spoon or tea bag in, it can cause the water to explode in your face! The microwave molecules are still bouncing around in there!

YES, if you fill the mug only ¾ full of water and wait about 30 seconds after taking it out of the microwave before stirring or putting a tea bag in.

The first call, email or text that gets on the air will receive a signed Heloise pamphlet. More segment ideas are in the works. Your suggestions are very welcome indeed!

Your friend and HINTOLOGIST,


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