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Heloise's Pets


We have had a lot of changes with four of our beloved pets in the last several years.



We had to put down J.D., our 13-year-old Golden Retriever, who adopted us. He had been ill for a while, and we think he had cancer, because he was losing weight rapidly, but we did not want to stress him with a lot of tests. His last few days were spent with us watching old movies, letting him eat chicken, pizza crust and just hanging out together. When it was time (before he was in severe pain and suffering with no hope of recovery) the vet came to our house. I held J.D., stroked his head and talked softly to him. My voice was the last sound he heard and my breath was the last thing he smelled. It was peaceful. As they say, he had a great fun and love filled life, and a good death. It was the right thing to do for a loyal and beautiful creature with a heart as big as Texas and a tail that wagged almost nonstop.

Yes, it is a difficult decision to make for a beloved furry friend, but I know that each of my pets would do the same thing for me if they had the choice. Oh, how I wish they would live as long as we do! But, since they don’t it’s just a darn yucky part of having the privilege to share a little time with one of these special and sometimes life changing animals. I only wrote about my personal experiences in the hope that it might help you with the difficult and painful decision you may have to make.

JD and Black Jack J.D. and Black Jack, nice and comfy in their outdoor tent.

Black Jack, our black lab/greyhound mix, went to doggie Valhalla also. We adopted him in 1991 when he was about a year old. I found him "asleep" on the back patio one morning.

Black Jack
smiling Black Jack "smiling." He was with us over 10 years. Adopted 1991, when he was about a year old, and passed away 2001.

Our sweet girl, Sauvignon, our miniature schnauzer, went to doggie heaven. She was ready. As the vet said, "this is one tough dog and she is a senior lady of 13 years." She went through two surgeries for bladder stones and three surgeries for tumors (two of them were cancer). When she was 11 years old, she became diabetic, and because of that, went blind a few months later, but she adapted well. She played outside with the other dogs and still barked at the deer! Eventually, her kidneys failed, and as you know, there are no kidney transplants for dogs—yet. It was time. David and I were with her. She just went to sleep. It was peaceful

NOTE: If your dog or cat exhibits increased thirst, weight loss or frequent urination, visit the veterinarian ASAP because it could be diabetes with no trauma.

Sauvignon, or "Savvi," our sweet minature schnauzer (born 1989; passed away 12/10/01).

Cabbie, short for Cabernet, is our latest miniature schnauzer, and like our others, she runs the household! She brings in the morning newspaper, keeps the deer and wild birds in our backyard busy by patrolling her territory. Born on Halloween, she is full of tricks, so she can gobble a treat!

This is Cabbie, our miniature schnauzer, born on Halloween. She's now the new "Office Manager." Cabbie is a delightful addition to our office and keeps the gals amused "barking" orders.
Cabbie, our miniature schnauzer bringing in the San Antonio Express News! It was 28 degrees out and this is her first time wearing a winter sweater. I think she looks stylish!

Rocky, our Military Macaw, who is over 25-years-old is now living in a wonderful bird sanctuary nearby. Rocky had a great life with us. He had his own large heated atrium in our backyard and came into the house for visits He would hang out with David in the barn. But, as with many families, our life changed. We wanted Rocky to be as happy as possible—and boy is he! He is with other birds, talks a lot and helps educate others about birds. Many birds like Rocky, and large parrots, can live to be 50, 75 and even over 100 years old. He will have a long, happy life with his fellow feathered friends. When we visit, he says hello in the same high-pitched voice!

Rocky, our Military Macaw who we've had for over 25 years lives in his own heated atrium. He's a beautiful and loveable bird and enjoys watching the squirrels and wild birds that come in the yard each day.


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