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CabbieHere are some photos of Cabbie, our Miniature Schnauzer. Silver and groomed awhile ago and now looking a little spotted after a medical problem. If your dog looks like her, in either appearance, please send a photo. Be sure to include details of age, breed, etc. Heloise Central and Cabbie will pick several to be deemed Cabbie's Doppelgangers. We will print the info in my newspaper column and post the photos on this site. Plus, we will be sending a Cabbie and Heloise thank-you gift to each dog! Woof Woof. Email Heloise@Heloise.com, put in subject line Cabbie look-a-like. Postal mail: Heloise, P.O. BOX 795000, San Antonio TX 78279. Click here for other photos.



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Hope visiting our PET PAL PAGE will make you smile.

These photos and stories appear in my special Saturday pet newspaper column that runs in papers all over the country. If you would like to submit a pet photo, here's how:

Please MAIL your photo. Unfortunately, we CANNOT accept any photos by e-mail because of the huge volume of reader e-mail that comes in each day.

Guidelines: The photo should show your pet(s) doing something funny or unusual. If you want the photo returned, you MUST send along a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Please indicate on the back of the photo your pet's name, age, breed, etc., and include your address.

Since there are only 52 Saturdays in a year, sadly, we have room for only 52 photos per year. We try to pick photos that show something amusing or out of the ordinary. We hope to include all pets—even snakes, fish, spiders, etc.

Send your PET PAL photo to:
Heloise - Pets
P. O. Box 795000
San Antonio, TX 78279-5000

Fred the Albino
HeloiseWe rescued Fred the Albino ferret, who had only one fang, from a rancher who found him and he lived a happy life with us! This was in the early 1980's in San Antonio Texas. He was one of three playful little scamps we have had.



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