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JULY 14, 2018

Jaime M. sent a picture of adorable Ike, who bears a striking resemblance to my beloved mini schnauzer, Cabbie.


JULY 7, 2018

Paula T. sent a picture of her adorable, big, green-eyed black and white cat, Rocky, literally hanging around. He's sitting pretty on his cat tree.


JUNE 30, 2018

Carl and Patricia R. in Waco, TX sent a picture of their Pals: Chloe, a scruffy mix, Logan, a Scottish Terrier, and Mr. Peabody, a Beagle.


JUNE 23, 2018

Connie M. sent a picture of her adorables: Her two-year-old Golden Retriever Kaylee, and her buddy Rusty, a 1 yr old rescued kitty.


JUNE 16, 2018

Sue and Mike sent a picture of their orange short-haired cat, Sir Pounce-A-Lot, holding court with his assistant, Jimmy, a stuffed cat - so cute!


JUNE 9, 2018

Dennis L. in San Antonio sent a picture of Mr. Kitty, his 10-year-old, long-haired orange cat, making himself at home, in the dresser drawer!


JUNE 2, 2018

This is the story of Mickey, Sarah T.'s foster dog, here in Texas.


MAY 26, 2018

Meet Tig. Tig is Linda W.'s Bengal cat, from the shelter. He's been with Linda for one year. She's taught him to sit up, roll over and high-five!


MAY 19, 2018

Pat in New Hampshire sent a picture of her three beagle blends, Electra, Pal and Toby, trying to make their way through a heavy snowfall. The Northeast has had crazy snow, but don't worry, guys! Spring is on the way!


MAY 12, 2018

Mary H. in Arlington, Va., sent a picture of her two roommates – Zoe the boxer and Bernie the Lab. Mary drapes a sheet over their bed, which is easier to launder than a huge stuffed pillow!


MAY 5, 2018

Susan D. sent a picture of Brady the poodle and Lily, his favorite pal (a gorgeous green-eyed cat), snuggling on a cold February morning.


APRIL 28, 2018

Ruth D. in Manchester, NH shared a picture of her gorgeous black and white cat, Mali, in front of some lovely lilacs. Ruth says Mali is the light of her life.


APRIL 21, 2018

Susan R.'s daughter's cat, Buddy, watches bird videos on TV when he's bored. So funny!


APRIL 14, 2018

Mark in San Antonio sent this picture of his adorable 10-month-old Irish Jack Russell terrier, Turbo. Turbo is a ball of energy and so cute, with one stand-up ear and one ear that flops over!


APRIL 7, 2018

Lora and Al in Auburn, NH emailed a picture of their precious Chihuahua, Pixie. Pixie is a big dog in a tiny package, all three and a half pounds of her!


MARCH 31, 2018

Lori S. in San Antonio emailed a picture of a little kitten that showed up on her porch. He is standing on his hind legs, peeking in her door, as if to say, Will you be my Mommie?


MARCH 24, 2018

A reader sent a picture of his flame point Himalayan cat, Hudson. He is sharing the boogie board with his buddy, Boris Badanov who is a long-hair Dachshund.


MARCH 17, 2018

This reader's three cats are "relishing" their dinner - they are gathered around a sectioned green relish tray - they look like a pinwheel, or a shamrock!


MARCH 10, 2018

Duangchan E. in San Antonio sent a picture of her funny and furry "Jester", a 15 pound rat terrier mix, pulling himself through his sweater.


MARCH 3, 2018

Sophia P. in San Antonio is house-sitting for her client, and she's in charge of Missy, a stunning black and white cat, and Georgie, an adorable Yorkie, or is that "Georkie"?


FEBRUARY 24, 2018

Meet Egg. Egg came to live with Kate C. and her family in San Antonio after she was found as a stray. The name "Egg" seems to fit -- Egg is a scramble of different blends of dogs: a bit spaniel and maybe some terrier, and Egg is scrambling to fit in with Kate's other dogs.


FEBRUARY 17, 2018

A.J., a reader in Clarion, Pa., sent a picture of his beautiful white female cat, Sammi. A.J. says Sammi loves to sit and spend time with her dad. Our pets are members of our family, aren't they?


FEBRUARY 10, 2018

Anita M. in San Antonio sent a picture of her "schnorkie," a blend of schnauzer and Yorkshire terrier, named Lil Bit. Lil Bit is ready for Valentine's Day, with a festive bow on her head!


FEBRUARY 3, 2018

Matata (Swahili for "trouble") is a male Labrador who has an affinity for mops. He wouldn't let the housekeeper mop because he would prefer to chase the mop! Owner Roslyn S. in Ralston, Neb., says Matata also is a great listener, as long as he gets petted while listening!


JANUARY 27, 2018

Once again, here is Duncan, a mini rat terrier mix who is perfectly at home with his adopted family. You can see the gratitude in his eyes! Duncan says, "Adopt one of my friends from your shelter!"


JANUARY 20, 2018

A reader sent in a picture of his gorgeous 8-1/2-year-old Persian cat, Arman. His coat is fluffy, and he is ready for winter!


JANUARY 13, 2018

Allan M. in Sebring, Fla., sent in a picture of his precious black-and-tan Yorkshire terrier, Lacee. Lacee is 11 years old, and she goes for a ride every day in Allan's golf cart!





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