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Champagne is our latest dog to be welcomed into our household. We adopted her from the Humane Society, here in San Antonio, Texas where I live.

She is a Silky Wheaton Terrier, or so they said.

She has been here a year, and it seems like she has always been around! We gave her a birthday of 10/31/2013 because they had to "guess" her age and we brought her home October 2013.

Chammy is brushed or combed daily to help cut down on her beautiful hair ending up on furniture/us/guest/carpet and her favorite spot on one of the couches. I use a dog brush, or sometimes a small hair brush (hidden under a coffee table in the den) and brush her all the while telling her she is a sweet dog! A daily cuddle, a chance to bond and get rid of the hair that would end up all over the place.

Woof, Woof,

Champagne & Heloise


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