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Thank you for your interest in my Hints from Heloise pamphlets. When I write my daily newspaper column, there is not enough space to answer readers’ questions as fully as I would like, so these pamphlets are designed to cover in more detail, your most often asked topics.

To order, please print this form, mark the appropriate box(es) above, fill in your name and address and return this completed form with an UNSTAMPED, LONG (#10) SELF-ADDRESSED ENVELOPE and your check or money order. Pamphlet cost includes postage and handling. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery; we'll probably send your order much faster, but this allows for any delays. NEW: You can now order directly online using PayPal® or any other major credit card.

1. Heloises Fantabulous Vinegar Hints and More A full 6 pages of money-saving and green cleaning plus cooking hints to make your life easier. $6.00
2. Heloises Baking Soda Hints and Recipes 6 pages packed with cheap and safe uses for your home, including beauty hints plus tasty recipes. $6.00
3. Heloises Homemade Cleaning Solutions BRAND NEW! Includes tons of formulas for cheap, easy and environmentally-friendly cleaners. 6 pages. $6.00
4. Heloises Handy Stain Guide for Clothing An easy A-Z guide for removing stubborn stains like ink, deodorant and lipstick.6 pages. $6.00
5. Heloises Spectacular Soups Easy, homemade soup recipes including no-fat cream soup, Quickie French onion and many more. 6 pages. $6.00
6. Heloises Flavored Coffees and Teas Delicious, fun recipes for entertaining and gift-giving, including Mocha and Vienna coffees and Spiced Tea. 4 pages. $4.00
7. Heloises Cake Recipes 4 pages of favorites including Red Velvet, Tomato Soup Cake, Cherry Surprise, No-Mix Cherry-Pineapple Nut Cake and many more. $4.00
8. Heloises Main Dishes and More — 4 pages of favorite recipes including Peking Roast, Shrimp Dijon, Spicy Swedish Meatballs and Microwave Chicken Fajitas. $4.00
9. Heloises Seasonings, Sauces and Substitutes You’ll find seasoned salt, no-salt substitute, Favorite Teriyaki Sauce, egg substitutes and many more. 4 pages. $4.00
10. Heloise’s Bridal Gown Hints and More 4 pages of easy-on-your-budget hints for creating a memorable wedding and caring for your bridal gown. $4.00
11. Heloise’s All-Time Favorite Recipes BRAND NEW! Plan an entire meal from appetizers to desserts with my most-requested recipes. 6 pages $6.00

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I have ordered _____ pamphlet(s). I enclose: $ _______ U.S.
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Hints from Heloise Pamphlets, P.O. Box 795001, San Antonio TX 78279-5001

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