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Heloise On The Road: Sea World, Texas

Heloise is “kissed” by Kia, a beautiful beluga whale, at Sea World, Texas.

Boy, talk about a whale of a story!

When I received an invitation to "swim with a beluga whale," I said, "yes" in a heartbeat. Later I said, "Wait a whale of a minute, howbig are those things?" Whales can weigh 1,800 pounds! At least I wouldn't have to worry about looking big in a wet suit!

The thrill of gently rubbing that soft skin, especially the underbelly, looking into those little, brown, inquisitive eyes and that B...I...G pink mouth, just can't be matched.

The senior trainer taught David and me to give hand signals to see Kia, twirl, dive, roll over and make sounds—one sounding like a creaky door and that really made us laugh.

Bob McCullough chatting with Heloise after her dip with Kia, a beluga whale, Sea World, Texas.

It, indeed, was stepping into another world. What unique experience, I will carry with me always. Special thanks to Bob McCullough.

What did I take away from this unbelievable experience? That sometimes size really doesn't seem to matter when it comes to interaction between big and little. You should adapt to and appreciate your environment—when you are in someone else's pond or pool, and should play by their rules—when you are a guest in their space, even a wet one!



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