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Heloise On The Road: Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

This is the scraper hanging over the sink—just like at home!  It's used to clean up for more than 100 men.  Providing three main meals and a midnight snack means there is always someone in the galley cooking food.

Heloise Aboard the USS Santa Fe

Yours truly got a tour of the USS Santa Fe in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. I learned a lot about keeping life ship-shape aboard a submarine. I toured the boat in October of 2002, when it was docked at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, undergoing repairs and being spruced up. Please enjoy these highlights of my tour.

The USS Santa Fe (SSN 763) operated just like a home filled with people: The kitchen is the center of the boat; the skipper is the head of the household and everyone pitches in! It also has similar issues of food, cleaning, upkeep and people. As the skipper said, "A day without cleaning is a day without meaning." Good advice for all of us. The crew took time to answer my questions and share some hints with me. 

Here we are in the "mess" where they eat all their meals, as well as study and socialize, when they have time! Fresh fruit is offered all the time, so is tea and lemonade.

Space is at a premium and everything—and I mean everything—has an assigned place.

Skipper and Commander Andrew Hale spoke about his crew, praising their teamwork. Meals were important and most of the crew liked the Sunday dinner of meat and potatoes or the Saturday night offering of super pizza (custom-made) and movies! Just like at home.

My thanks to all who put up with my questions. Safe travels. Keep your feet dry.




The one washer and one dryer for the whole boat! Everyone does his own laundry—except the skipper! The men watch their clothes in the dryer because fire on a sub is a major concern!

The large squeegee that hangs in the only shower for all the enlisted men.

The sign in the one shower for all 98 of the enlisted men in the only "head" for the same group.



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