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Heloise, Texas State University Team Work and Life Skills for Students San Marcos TX July 14, 2009

Heloise Shares Hints for College Life!
Recently I was part of an online chat with the Washington Post Home section about sending kids off to college. The newspaper did an interview with me that also features loads of hints to help! Click here for the transcript of the chat, which offers some very helpful hints.

The Topic: Dorm Living 101.
We will give you the tools you need to make your dorm room or apartment livable.

Heloise's Three Basic Survival Skills for College Students
1. Laundry 101! Five easy steps
Sorting, Washing and Drying
2. Cleaning the bathroom Three easy hints
Sink, Tub/Shower and Toilet
3. Taking care of your tech gear Three key tips
Cellphone, Computer and Keyboard

Click here for the how-to’s.



"I thought she was very lively," according to Hiromi Toda, a junior advertising major. "I didn’t know what to expect or what she would do next. I really liked the style of her presentation."
"I never knew you were supposed to clean CDs from the center out," admitted Amanda McBride, a mass communications major. "She’s just full of so many tips that can really help us out. I think her doing a college tour is a great idea."
"After watching the clip, I knew it was going to be a good show. She was hilarious and didn’t even mind telling (David) Letterman he had a hairy chest," said Sara Gonzales, a mass communications senior.
"The technical part of the show was the most helpful part because I drop my phone in the toilet or in water on a regular basis," said senior Richard Arnott.
"I never knew there were so many handy tricks available for some of the most simple things that you come across," said Dominic Bianchi, a marketing senior. "I’m going to take these tricks home to share with my dirty roommates."
"I had no idea why you should wash your clothes in cold water until today," admitted freshman Shakotah Knowlton. "My mom never taught me to do laundry."
"I mostly learned that you don’t have to buy expensive, commercial stuff," said Emily Newby, junior print major. " You can just get basic stuff that works for everything."

"I was so excited to get a goodie-bag. I never win anything," said Julie Love, a mass communication student. "I was surprised to find disposable underwear in it though!"


My Hints From Heloise column receives many letters and e-mails from college students. They are asking many questions and looking for answers about doing laundry, cleaning the microwave, dealing with messy roommates and cramped spaces. I look forward to hearing from more college students, who can send me their comments and questions. I will choose number to be answered online and in my regular column.

Cleaning dorm rooms or college apartments are big issues. Here are two suggested solutions:

In one letter, Gary from Oklahoma said that when he lived with three other male roommates, they found a solution to their messy apartment—a cheap cleaning service to come once every three weeks.

In another letter, Alice from Nebraska says that she and her roommate set a mandatory time each week for cleaning—they couldn’t plan dates or anything else during that time.


As college students, you may discover that you are having problems with stinks, stains, roommates, clutter and much more. If you have a question, a dilemma, or a hint you would like to share, please e-mail me. Be sure to note in the subject line what your e-mail is about—stains, roommates, laundry, etc. I will be posting some on my website and printing others in my newspaper column. I would love to hear from you!




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