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I wrote a recent newspaper column about buying college text books. They can be very costly! So students and parents should do their homework before taking the plunge. It might be better to buy used books or rent them for the semester. If you buy used, look for ones in good shape and with not much underlining or highlighting. You do not know if the person, who did the markings was smart or not!

Compare the prices in the college bookstore with online sites, which sell and rent college text books.

My college text books that I saved from Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State) in San Marcos, Texas are in the photo, right.

I graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Mathematics with a teaching certificate.

So, I kept these books: College Algebra, Analytic Geometry, Plane Trigonometry, Modern Calculus with Analytic Geometry and Consumer Problems and Personal Finance. I just may start printing some of the "hints" from the finance book...many are sound financial advice we can all use, even today!

Example: One rule is a family can afford a home that costs approximately 2 & 1/2 times their annual income, another guideline is about one week's pay (or about 1/4) from your month's take home pay to cover one month's mortgage payment. Don't forget to include home insurance, taxes and upkeep. Basic home finance guidelines still good in today's world.

Plus I kept my old friends, as I call my math books, because the principles and formulas for mathematics don't change 2x + 2x = 4x.

Most importantly saving a buck means not spending it today so you can spend it later on!



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